Wednesday, 16 May 2012

CAS Elder Challenge- Flint Westwood.

                     It's moving in day for my Elder sim, Westwood- Flint Westwood.

Flint is a Knowledge Sim with a Lifetime Want to Max his skills.  I kept his house small so as to be able to utilise the rest of his funds.
My strategy for this challenge? I decided to see if Flint can live a happy and fulfilled life by travel and the benefits it brings.

As Flint is a single guy I figured I would give him Romance as secondary. At this stage I'm not sure whether Aspiration will play much of a part but we'll see.

So- let the travel begin...

First port of call was the Mountains. Staying in a campsite is free and Flint is tough. Trips cost a lot of money and he'll need the funds for the trips, massages and other stuff needed to fill his travel passport.

Of course Flint has no skills (as he left home about 2 hours after moving in) and so certain mementos may take a few attempts to get!

Flint soon learnt the local greeting and how to slap dance as well as sharing tales of his plans with Bigfoot.

He had a date and shared his first kiss with Emmy Hourvitz.

He left 3 Lakes having got all mementos apart from log rolling and befriending Bigfoot. Of course it was still Monday on his return, :)

Flint picked his travel benefits and got himself an Elder job. He also set about skilling and bought a Florist bench so he could get to work on a gold badge. He's not going back on vacation until he's used his benefits up....

So on Thursday with a few skills under his belt he headed off to the Far East, where he met a mystery Ninja who taught him to teleport,

                     and listened to an old legend from an even older man.
             Flint left the Far East with all mementos apart from 'Tai Chi'.

Flint reached the Top of his Elder career the very next day. He now has 8 points out of a possible 16 filled on his aspiration benefit chart. 

Once again he had a couple of days to fill before his next vacation and so he called up Emmy for a date when he wasn't fighting off La Shawn something-or-other who, well, stalked him day and night quite frankly. 

                                On Sunday,

             Flint arrived in Twikkii Island and soon made friends with the natives.

                                  and even more friends with the gift he got.

While this strategy appears to be going well time is certainly flying by even though Flint spends time on vacation. So, on his return home he invited Emmy around, declared his love- asked her to move in and then,

popped the question.  Of course she said yes!  She moved in with 8K, not bad, and enough for a honeymoon.  Oh, Flint got all mementos from his Island Vacation.

The wedding was a quiet affair.  heh. (It kills me not to have wedding parties- but needs must and neither had a wish for a party (which would have been a good boost I think!).

Monday was a great day for Flint,

He got Gold in Floristry (as well as Silver in Sewing) and got 'In the Zone' where he got a special plaque and everything. ;)
He currently has 11 aspiration benefits opened.

Vacation mementos he hasn't got;- win log rolling, befriend Bigfoot, learn Tai Chi, find Treasure Chest and become a Frequent Traveller.

This time around Flint has good Body skills and so won the log rolling competition easily.

 He used his Mr Mickles voodoo doll to befriend Bigfoot- which backfired spectacularly- he ended up with hives and had to go back the next day, where it did work! The honeymooner's used the time to get Emmy's remaining mementos, and Flint dug, and dug and dug. There are lots of bones in 3 Lakes, but no treasure!

                                        Back home and on Tuesday,

                           Flint got to make himself a cool outfit.

On Wednesday Emmy (who was looking for a Science career but took Education- the bookcase you know), got Fired. (Yeah- love those Education chance cards- not).

She also got pregnant. I figured a baby would be the final boost of points that Flint might need once he'd filled his vacation passport.

After maxing his cooking skill Flint had the urge to win a cooking competition, and yay, he won.

He also maxed his last skill at the mirror and got his perma-plat status.
Now he's 64 days old and that aging bar is looking startlingly near the end.

The Far East holiday filled it's purpose when Tai Chi classes began. Emmy didn't have much of a fun holiday being heavily pregnant though and tired, all the time. She did learn to teleport but couldn't learn a massage or go in the sauna, so Flint couldn't get the romance wants he was after fulfilled with her. Even so he got a 'This week was amazing' pop up.

Back home Flint got his Frequent flyer moniker, but still no Treasure chest- his aging bar looks scary close to the end and Emmy still hasn't delivered!

I took Flint off lot to dig some more around Riverblossom and he had no luck so ended up here having a possible last supper?

Yep, the instant he got back Grimmy and the Hulas were waiting for him.  Aww.

                                 Bye Flint, you were so close I think.

                      Flint filled up 13 of his 16 Benefits before he said farewell.

                                              and Emmy?
                 yeah, she gave birth to Flint's daughter about 2 hours later!  heh. 


Lots of fun playing this quick challenge. In hindsight I guess Flint should have had the baby sooner. Sometimes an event (or combination I guess) gave him a boost of 2 or 3 benefits at a time and I was hoping the birth would do that.

I would do a few things differently next time, and will try again with another strategy- after my next round is complete in 5-wishes-a-day!

Thanks to Robin S for the challenge, it's really got me thinking! :)


  1. Love it! I'd been thinking of trying the vacation strategy but hadn't yet because it's not one of my favorite things to play. I'm so glad you tried it! Questions--did you find that the aspiration bar went up much on vacation or did it seem frozen? I wonder if you'd had the baby earlier and managed to get that treasure chest if you might have gotten it. Excellent job! If I remember correctly, Wen finished with 11, so you might be the current leader ;-)

    1. The Aspiration bar does move up whilst on vacation, yes. Flint had two 'what a great week' pop-up's while away. (I took him away for the minimum time- 3 days I think it is). Maybe the treasure chest and baby would have completed it, we'll never know now! :D
      A good one to try though, I'll definitely try again.

  2. Woo Hoo great job. Hm. So we have had the GCS strategy, and the Travel strategy. Erm. Verrry interesting!!!!

  3. Aww, its kinda sad he never saw his baby... and how did that elder have a very first kiss?

    1. Y'know I use the lotdebugger (batbox) from MATY, I use it to wipe corrupt/junk memory files and it gets rid of 'mystery sim' memories too. I figure my Sims should have memories they create for themselves, not pre-programmed ones. :)